Even if you do not see yourself as 'spiritual', music is essential for your health and wellbeing.

We are not very good at stopping and taking time out for ourselves.


"In recent years, extensive research has revealed that listening to music and even more so singing or playing music, can alter brain chemistry associated with wellbeing, the reduction of stress and the strength of the immune system. Levitin(2008) 'This is Your Brain on Music'.


If music has the power to effect us this way, how much more when it is inspired by the spirit of God. As David played his harp to King Saul, he was relieved from depression and an oppressive spirit. That's because David spent years on the hillside worshipping his God in the secret place.


Worshiping God is the core reason that I choose to live. It is an absolute joy and privilege to play and record what he gives me. I produced my first CD 'Constant' in 2011 when I turned on a MAC for the first time!  SInce then, I have been writing and sometimes playing live in unusual places, ranging from Barclays Bank foyer, a restaurant or a church hall.  


Assisant Manager from a branch of Barclays bank said,  "I am a pretty laid back person but today my customers were more chilled than me. It was like everybody in the bank was so chilled and happy that nobody wanted to leave. Can I have one of your CD's to play to my staff?"  


Music of this nature can not only change how you feel, but change the atmosphere and environment we live and work in. It can relieve depression and sleepness nights.


This recent video is called 'Reunion' and it is my first video with some of my own imagery and more authentic music.  Try playing my tracks in your home or your car and see what difference it makes.


                                                                     Blessings to you






Lauren Leigh




   Latest track 'Reunion' with video

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 'Wake up World':

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